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Liverpool is a city of great tradition. Now a new tradition has started. Friday night Karaoke in our Tuk Tuks. Singing your favourite songs travelling through the city in style couldn’t be easier just ring our hotline for your own special Karaoke experience. 07578 905 559

Tuk Tuk Adverts. Would you like your to business name to be seen all around the city. It will when you place an advert on one of our city tuk tuks.  With over 29,000 hits on our site to date, your name will keep coming up day after day. It will be seen daily, on the most photographed vehicle in the city. What other kind of advert could offer you more? Please phone our hotline for more details on costs and duration. 07855 275 530

Come and meet Daisy at City Tuk Tuks. Have a party ride with us in our brand new Karaoke Camper Van. We have the only six seater Camper Karaoke in the country. Daisy is green, comfortable and has big padded seats for extra comfort. Click for pictures of Karaoke Daisy

City Tuk Tuks have doubled the Fleet. We have added three brand new petrol Tuk Tuks to our fleet. Our total is now five. This now gives us three karaoke Tuk Tuks and an additional white Tuk Tuk which will be used specifically for weddings and corporate events and two electric Tuk Tuks which are used daily for the city tours.

New service. Airport transfers. Arrive in real a real party mood by taking a Tuk Tuk ride to the airport and we can pick you up and be there on your return. Book now for that special trip.

We will always bring tours of Liverpool to you at a reasonable price. Our tours have been carefully designed to give you the best experience to explore many of Liverpool's top attractions. We cater for Stage and Hens, Corporate Days and parties, children's selfie challenges.

 Check out our latest slide show. Lots of fun pictures here

Booking Hotline  07578 905 559

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